The holidays bring cheer, merriness, and all too often, stress. These six wellness tips might hold the key to making it through the holidays.

They bring cheer, merriness, and all too often, stress. But if you’re looking to make it through with your sanity intact, these six wellness tips for the holidays might hold the key.

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1. Plan ahead.

Whether you’re hosting a party or trying to remember which friends you agreed to hang out with, stress tends to escalate without a plan.

Don’t be afraid to create a calendar of activities, or to-do lists before your next party. These can help you stay on track and feel less overwhelmed by the events that sneak up on you every year.

2. Don’t overspend.

And since you’re already planning, be sure to create a list before you do your Christmas shopping. Double points if you add it to your monthly budget in advance.

Spending tends to be a little higher around the holidays, but it doesn’t have to come at the expense of your own needs. Be realistic with what you can afford, do your shopping all throughout the year, and use sales to your advantage.

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3. Keep your existing habits.

December means comfort food, more naps, and fewer workouts. Right?

It sounds good, but the results might not be. Breaking healthy habits won’t just cause you to be more lethargic – it can also cause you to be more stressed. Luckily, you can combat that stress by getting plenty of sleep, exercise, and balanced meals.

For a boost, try adding vitamins or supplements to your daily routine.

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4. Set realistic expectations.

Whether you’re dreaming about seeing estranged family or finding the perfect present wrapped under the tree, it can be easy to let your imagination run wild during the holidays.

And then life happens.

Getting your hopes up for a perfect holiday will only lead to disappointment. It’s rare that everything goes according to plan. But instead of looking for a perfect holiday, try looking for perfect moments. If you’re paying attention, you might be surprised at how many you find.

5. Practice mindfulness.

But to enjoy those moments, you have to stay present.

Try removing distractions like phones and television and focusing on the people around you. Holidays are a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends – so don’t miss it.

6. Say no.

When in doubt, just say no.

It can be easy to overcommit during the holidays. So many activities get planned in advance, and you might misjudge how much time (or energy) you’ll have when they roll around.

So don’t be afraid to say no – it might keep your favorite holiday traditions from turning into stressful obligations.

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